I hate when bitches use the caption perfectly imperfect like damn, shut up.
I love my mom.
  • Mom: You wanna come with me to drop this food off at church?
  • Me: What? Nah I'm good.
  • Mom: Kashif come, it's like that song; come and have a good time with G O D.
Sophisticated Ignorance.

I do desire to be wealthy one day but I know I would get ultra ignorant.

Riding a matte black Lambo through the streets of Flatbush and Canarsie

Sipping on a gigantic bottle of Ace Of Spades while riding in the Lambo

While Tahiry is the passenger seat

But you know that’s just me.

Father’s Day.

It’s always sad when this day comes around because of how many kids I know who don’t have their fathers in their lives.  I sincerely hope my generation of guys are present in our kids’ lives.